Bacteria causing Ulcers may be involved in early stage gut carcinoma

H. Pylori is a bacteria known for causing ulcers in adults. Researchers from Sharjah University have uncovered first evidence that this bacteria also has an impact on the composition of bacteria and fungus in the intestine, which may cause different and unexpected kinds of health issues.

Helicobacter pylori is a bacteria known for causing ulcers in adults. It is generally acquired in childhood and can persist life-long without symptoms. It colonizes the gut of more than half of the worldwide population with high geographic variability. A new study published by researchers lead by prof. Mohammad Tahseen Al Bataineh from Sharjah University show first evidence for the impact of this bacteria on the composition of the bacteria and fungus in the intestine.

In this novel study, the researchers took samples from 60 volunteers, 12 of them infected with H. Pylori, and analyzed their microbiotic composition using advanced genomic tools. The researchers found out that people infected with H. Pylori tend to have higher levels of complexity indicating of a larger variety of microorganisms. Higher microbial biodiversity has been attributed to chronic inflammatory conditions such as obesity and inflammatory bowel diseases so these findings can be used in the future in order to develop bio-markers for these conditions. In addition the researchers found that H. Pylori infected subjects have higher levels of unclassified fungi suggesting a clear shift in the microorganism composition as a result of H. pylori infection.

Dr. Mohammad Tahseen AL Bataineh, Sharjah University

The researchers conclude that the role of H. pylori may possibly affect gastrointestinal microbiota. Underscoring the importance of H. pylori associated changes in the gastrointestinal dysbiosis and its possible role in inflammation and colorectal carcinomas development.

This study gives high promise for better understanding in the initial signs for several disease development.

The Original study

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