I am associated with University of Sharjah, Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management Department since September 2019 as Assistant Professor. Prior to that, I was a Lecturer in same university and department from September 2009 till August 2019.

Due to my passion to explore things, I decided to enter research and since 2012 (when my first paper published), I have been extensively involved in research and published more than 50 articles in journals and conference proceedings.

Recent research

Currently I am exploring or focusing my research in digital supply chain, circular economy, pharmaceutical supply chain, sustainable supply chain, and performance evaluation and improvement.

Purpose and Implications of the Research

The main purpose of my research is to evaluate and propose framework and give suggestions (based on my research findings) to managers and decision makers to evaluate and improve their business performance and remain competitive.

Future Research Directions

I have to pursue post-graduate diploma in education.

Message to Youth and Aspiring Scientists

Focus and dedication will help you become good scientists. I advise you to never become disheartened with failure and remember one thing, that “work and worship never goes unrewarded“.

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